Clearwater Structures Inc. has completed a vast array of diverse jobs since our establishment in 2005. Some recent notable completed projects include:

MTO 2015-2016 - Lynde Creek & Nonquon Bridge , Hwy 7A/12

  • Structure Replacement at Lynde Creek Bridge - Includes removal of existing structure in stages, installation of new girders, concrete deck, sidewalks, barrier walls, approach slab & bridge deck waterproofing.  Structure Rehabilitation at Nonquon Bridge - Includes saw cutting existing barrier walls, demolition of ballast walls & approach slabs to facilitate construction of semi-integral deck end.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $2,000,000

  • Subcontractor to Breannan Paving and Construction Ltd.

  • Completion February 2017

MTO 2015-2038 - Bridge Rehabilitation at Hwy 58, St. David's Rd. Interchange

  • Rehabilitation of 3 bridges in 2 stages. Concrete removal and concrete placement for ballast walls, wing walls deck ends, barrier walls, concrete overlay and approach slabs. Jacking and replacement of bearings.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $4,700,000

  • Completion December 2016

OLRT Constructors - Riverside Drive Overpass Rehabilitation
  • Concrete rehabilitation including: Jacking / Bearing replacement, concrete overlay, reconstruct abutments to semi-integral configuration.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $700,000

  • Completion: 2016

MTO 2013-2001 - Jacking of six Bridges, Hwy 400 & Hwy 401
  • Jacking of six bridges at Hwy 400 and Hwy 401 interchange, including temporary support towers

  • Approximate Contract Value: $1,200,000

  • Subcontractor to Brennan Paving and Construction Ltd.

  • Completion: 2016

MTO 2015-4021 - Storm Sewer Maintenance & CCTV Inspection, Hwy 401
  • CCTV Inspection, Clean out of Catch Basins, Traffic Control, Portable Variable Message Signs, Ditch Clean out.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $3,000,000

  • Completion: August 2016

Parks Canada - R.058203-001 Trent Severn Waterway Reconstruction of Dam at Lock 37

  • Construction of Dam Lock #37, Concrete & Reinforcing Steel, Dam Foundation, Foundation Slab, Piers, Sluiceways, Spillways, Headwalls, Abutments, Cut-off Walls, Stability Wall, Buttress, Retaining Wall, Concrete Steps & Apron, Concrete Crib Foundation, Wood Decking, Concrete Repair.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $7,000,000

  • Subcontractor to Metric Contracting Services

  • Completion: January 2016

City of London - Highbury Avenue Over CN Rail Bridge Rehabilitation, Tender #15-06
  •  Highbury Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation over CN Rail

  • Approximate Contract Value: $3,200,000

  • Completion: November 2015

MTO 2014-2007 - Victoria Park Underpass, Hwy 401
  • Concrete rehabilitation of the existing Victoria St. Underpass at Hwy 401. Removals: Full depth removal of the bridge median, overhangs, sidewalk, approach slabs, deck ends, ballast wall and wing walls. Partial depth removals at the abutments, piers and soffit. Reconstruction of the new concrete median, approach slabs, wing walls, deck end extension, barrier walls, sidewalk on deck, and Jacking to replace bearings.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $14,000,000

  • Completion October 2015

MTO 2012-3034 Structure Rehabilitation, 7 Locations, Hwy 403
  • Rehabilitation of Oak Park Road Underpass, Tollgate Rd. Underpass, North Park St. Underpass, Ewing Dr. Underpass, King George Rd. Underpass, West St. Underpass, Wayne Gretzky Parkway Underpass, Grading, Hot Mix Asphalt Paving, Storm Sewers, Curb, Sidewalk, Electrical, Street Lighting, Line Painting, Landscape, Guardrail.
  • Approximate Contract Value: $10,000,000
  • Completion: November 2015

MTO 2015-4274 - Rapid Set Latex Modified Concrete Overlay Trial Hwy 115, Cavan-Monaghan
  • Concrete test trail including, resealing of joints in concrete pavement, removal of concrete pavement (partial depth), traffic control signing, pavement marking, abrasive blast cleaning for overlays, place concrete overlays, finish/cure concrete overlays.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $150,000

  • Completion: August 2015

City of Ottawa - Confederation Blvd. / Sussex Drive
  • Roadway protection, electrical work, traffic control, restoration, protection/relocation of existing utilities, survey, dewatering, and concrete rehabilitation.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $3,800,000

  • Subcontractor to R.W. Tomlinson

  • Completion: January 2015

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. - Bridge 11 & 21 - Counterweight Anchor Steel Repairs N4/085-12-21
  • Saw cutting, concrete demolition, cleaning, reinforcing and restoring the deteriorated steel anchor section at the top of bridges 11 and 21.

  • Approximate Contract Value: $200,000

  • Completion: November 2014